Justin Cuddihey
Summer Articled Student 2021, returning as an Articling Student 2022/2023

My summer articles experience at Gowling WLG was exceptional. My decision to join the firm really came down to the people I met during the summer interview recruit. Everyone I met in the process was genuinely engaged in our conversation and took great pride in sharing how much the firm values its collegial, team-oriented culture. From day one, I was welcomed into the team and was given an unwavering amount of support, resources, and mentorship.

Given the range of practice areas at the firm and the smaller size of our summer cohort, I had the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to a variety of files and work within a tight-knit team. Highlights of my summer included working on a litigation file from start to settlement, contributing to a national bulletin published daily monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic, assisting on a pro-bono file, and working closely with my principal on a number of banking and lending files. Regardless of the task, there was always someone readily available to answer any of my questions and offer feedback upon completion.

Outside of the office, the firm actively hosted events that allowed the students, associates and partners an opportunity to get to know each other better and have some fun. Overall, I am beyond excited to return for articling with the firm and I can confidently recommend the student program at Gowling WLG to anyone.  

Will Chamberlain
Summer Articled Student 2021, returning as an Articling Student 2022/2023

My summer articling experience at Gowling WLG was nothing short of spectacular. The firm tackled the challenge of onboarding during the pandemic head on, integrating the online orientation seamlessly as well as providing students the opportunity to interface with students and professionals from the other offices across the country.

Starting the first week and carrying on throughout, my summer was filled with enriching and challenging work. This included drafting notices of civil claim, conducting research for pending litigation, conducting due diligence and drafting letters and memoranda. While engaging in this work, I received consistent support from my principal as well as various mentors, thus ensuring I never felt out of my depth. The professionals I worked with encouraged me to ask questions in order to ensure that I understood the task at hand and that I was able to learn meaningfully from my work.

The social culture at Gowling WLG was also extraordinary. The students had the opportunity to get to know many professionals in the firm through social events. In particular, all of the students played for the firm’s slo-pitch team. This was a fantastic way for the students to get to know professionals at the firm in a low stress environment in which everyone could enjoy themselves.

I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to begin my legal career at Gowling WLG. The firm is a perfect place to establish and develop one’s legal skills. Through the abundance of challenging work offered to the students, as well as the many opportunities for mentorship and feedback, I felt that my experience at Gowling WLG was the most beneficial it could be. I strongly recommend considering Gowling WLG as a place to commence your legal career to anyone.

Karly Dutcyvich
Summer Articled Student 2021, returning as an Articling Student 2022/2023

I am so grateful for the experience I gained as a Summer Articling Student at Gowling WLG. From the moment the students started at the firm, all the lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, and support staff were so friendly and helpful. They went out of their way to ensure a positive and welcoming environment for the students. This continued throughout the summer and made it all the more exciting when the students were able to start working in the office after the COVID-19 restrictions lifted.

Associates and partners at the firm really encourage student involvement. I appreciated the opportunity to be involved in a high level of work and assume a great degree of responsibility, while feeling supported by those around me. Highlights of my summer included assisting on a real estate purchase throughout the summer and seeing the process from beginning to end, drafting pleadings, assisting with a pro-bono file, writing articles with partners and associates, meeting with clients, and attending events with fellow students and lawyers. Moreover, associates and partners take the time to provide students with the context of the file and feedback, so that students can benefit and learn from their work.

Being in a six person summer articling group allowed all the students to communicate effectively and work together as a tight-knit team. We all became good friends, which made the summer so much fun. I can’t wait to return for articles next year!

Manuel Dominguez
Summer Articled Student 2021, returning as an Articling Student 2022/2023

I was fortunate to speak with various young associates from the firm before OCIs; and after a few conversations, it was apparent to me that working at Gowling WLG as a summer student would be an amazing privilege and an excellent way to start my professional career. I could never have anticipated how much I would learn during my time at the firm. My summer student experience at Gowling WLG was an incredibly rewarding experience and the Firm's supportive and collegiate environment made for a very enjoyable summer.

The summer program at Gowling WLG provided me with the opportunity to 'test-drive' different practice areas. As a result, I was exposed to a wide range of work that was rewarding, diverse and challenging. I felt supported during every step of the way and there was always someone willing to help, whether that was a partner, a young associate, a student from my summer cohort, or anyone from the amazing support staff.

Last summer I worked closely with, and learned from, experts in the fields of corporate, labor and employment, securities, environmental, litigation, and real estate. Some of the highlights of my summer included working on an insolvency small claim file, taking part in meetings with clients, and working on a variety of research legal memoranda for the intellectual property group.

The firm also made sure we had plenty of opportunities to interact with our colleagues in a more relaxed environment outside of work. From the slo-pitch tournament, to informal dinners and lunches, or the annual summer beach party, there was always an opportunity to foster valuable and meaningful connections with everyone at the firm.

If you are a team-oriented individual looking for substantive work within a culture of excellence, Gowling WLG might be the right fit for you!

Kelsey Wong
Summer Articled Student 2021, BC Court of Appeal Clerk 2022/2023, returning as an Articled Student 2023/2024

I could not be happier that I chose to spend my summer at Gowling WLG. It was an amazing way to begin my legal career and I am very excited to return to complete my articles. I chose Gowling WLG, first and foremost, because of all the genuine connections that I made with members of the firm during the interview process. They had told me all about the collegial and collaborative firm culture at Gowling WLG, which was an aspect of the firm that far exceeded my expectations this summer. Everyone at the firm, from the very beginning, was extremely supportive and helpful whenever I had any sort of questions. Whether it was a partner, a junior associate or a member of the administrative staff, everyone at Gowling WLG made me feel supported in whatever capacity they could.

As soon as we finished our training at the firm, the summer students were given meaningful and rewarding work from all different practice areas within the firm. Gowling WLG’s informal rotation system gave the summer students the opportunity to get involved in work from every practice area of the firm but it also allowed us to take on more work from practice areas that we were most interested in. During my second week, I was able to participate in a full summary trial and gained invaluable experience from the hands-on work that I was tasked with. It was definitely one of the highlights of my summer and a rare opportunity that summer students do not often get presented with. During my summer articles, I did a lot of specialized legal research, drafted various corporate documents, affidavits and memos as well as conducted due diligence.

I was extremely appreciative of all of the feedback and encouragement that I got from associates and partners when I completed work for them. All of them took the time to explain what they were looking for with every assignment and I never felt that I could not ask follow-up questions. It can be daunting to begin working as a summer student but all of the legal professionals that I worked with were extremely supportive and generous with their time. The mentorship that I received while at the firm was also a highlight of my summer at Gowling WLG. Whether formally or informally, the mentorship I received was extremely helpful and it was comforting to know that there were many people at the firm that I could turn to if I ever had questions, law-related or otherwise. We were told at the very beginning of our summer articles that the firm genuinely cared about our development as legal professionals and it definitely showed throughout the entire summer.

Having a smaller sized summer group made it extremely easy to form close bonds with all of my fellow summer students. They were a big part of what made my summer with the firm so enjoyable and fun and I am very glad that I joined a firm that fosters such a tight-knit, collaborative summer group. I could not have asked for a more wonderful group of students to spend my summer with!

Gabrielle Matheson
Summer Articled Student 2021, BC Court of Appeal Clerk 2022/2023, returning as an Articled Student 2023/2024

My experience as a summer articling student at Gowling WLG truly exceeded all of my expectations. After this summer I was left with the impression that Gowling WLG’s summer articling program is thoughtfully designed to set students up for success. The program emphasizes proper support and training while ensuring students have ample opportunity to engage in substantive and interesting work.

This summer, part of our onboard training included national sessions with summer students from Gowling WLG offices across Canada. The training we received at the outset was comprehensive, and throughout the summer refresher sessions and additional training were continually made available. Gowling WLG’s culture of teamwork and friendliness was also particularly valuable to my learning experience. I felt comfortable emailing, calling, or popping my head into someone else’s office to ask questions whenever I ran into an issue.

The small size of the student group at Gowling WLG’s Vancouver office allowed us all to take on tasks with a significant amount of individual responsibility. Throughout the course of the summer I was involved in a range of different types of work. I had the opportunity to sit in on and present at client meetings, research and co-write articles, and analyze novel legal issues, particularly in Indigenous and environmental law. Gowling WLG is on the cutting edge of many developing areas of law in BC and Canada, and as a summer student I had the opportunity to actually engage with these developments. I was encouraged to collaborate with lawyers on the file in exploring the effects of new legislation and potential new opportunities for our clients. I received plenty of formal and informal feedback. Associates and partners I worked with would frequently follow up with me on work I had completed to explain both my strengths and areas of improvement in my work.

Lastly, all of the students are a tight knit team, and I benefited a great deal from being able to lean on and learn from all of them. For these reasons and many more I am already looking forward to coming back to the firm to article.

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