Drew Hubka
2019/2020 Articling Student

Throughout my articling year with Gowling WLG, I was privileged to be exposed to multiple different areas of law and choose which ones I preferred. The firm has a strong entrepreneurial spirit to it, and students are encouraged to seek out work they like and take on as much as they want. Accordingly, once I had determined what I liked, seeking additional work and support in that area was effortless, as the open-door culture that Gowling WLG has mastered made reaching out to people in my area of interest incredibly easy.

Additionally, the quality and quantity of mentorship at the firm really made my articling experience fantastic. I had multiple people, whether students, associates, or partners, that I could reach out to with questions at any time. Learning in this environment was exciting, and granted me the ability to jump into the middle of complex problems without hesitation, knowing assistance would be provided if needed. These same mentors also actively supported my professional development by promoting high levels of client interaction and communication.

Ultimately though, I would recommend Gowling WLG not just because of the great work youíre exposed to, or the mentorship that you can access at any time, but because of the people that youíll work with. The firm is full of incredibly talented and intelligent people that value you and the work that you do. It is a great place to grow and develop as an articling student, and it will definitely put you in a strong position to begin your legal career.

Angela Danko
2019/2020 Articling Student

Gowling WLG offers a unique experience for students to seek out diverse work or become more deeply involved with a particular practice group given the lack of formal rotation. As someone who already had an interest in a particular area of law, this flexibility stood out to me as a prospective student as I believed it would allow me to foster my interests and become immersed in the work.

However, while my initial interest in Gowling WLG stemmed from the structure of the student program and practice areas, I quickly realized that it was the supportive people, quality of the work and opportunity for growth that were the firmís most valuable features. As soon as I arrived at Gowling WLG as a summer student, I had the opportunity to make meaningful contributions on a wide range of files and was made to feel like an integral member of the team. Even with only a few years of school under my belt, I felt that my opinions were sought out, heard and respected by associates and partners.

My work has ranged from researching complex or novel areas of law, drafting legal documents, attending court, mediation and questioning and managing small claims files. The lawyers I worked with had a genuine interest in mentoring, teaching and providing feedback on assignments – and to my surprise, even had a wide open door to answer all my seemingly trivial questions. This welcoming, stimulating and collaborative environment only became more apparent throughout my time at Gowling WLG as I became more integrated into files and was given increasingly complex tasks and responsibility.

I am incredibly thankful and excited to continue my development an associate in Gowling WLGís Advocacy department alongside leaders in the legal community. I am confident that the training, mentorship and support I received as a student has taught me to think practically, critically and independently, and has provided me with foundational legal skills needed to transition to the next stage of my legal career.

Kevin Pedersen
2018/2019 Articling Student

Articling at Gowling WLG provides students with the opportunity to form strong relationships with fellow students and professionals while working alongside them on a variety of projects in diverse practice areas. Gowling WLG does not restrict or limit the work an articling student can provide, pushing students to take the initiative for their own development. This approach allows students to take on increasingly complex and challenging tasks in the legal field they find most interesting and at a pace that the student feels is manageable. This provides students the opportunity to assist on files that interest them, while simultaneously helping students developing the skills necessary to succeed in the legal profession.

Throughout my articling year I was given the opportunity to gain practical, firsthand experience of what it means to be a litigator. Gowling WLG, and the professionals I worked with, gave me the opportunity to be involved with large litigation files, and to provide a meaningful contribution at all stages of the process, including questioning, dispute resolution, and trial. Further, Gowling WLG trusts students to manage and run their own small claims files, which gave me the opportunity to learn how to communicate with clients and to develop a strategy to respond to the clients legal issues.

I am lucky to have had the opportunity to complete my articles at a firm that recognises the skills I possess and has continually challenged me to develop and improve the skills that are necessary for me to become a great lawyer. My articling year was a rewarding experience and I look forward to continuing to learn, grow, and develop as an associate at Gowling WLG. Based on my personal experiences throughout articling, I would recommend Gowling WLG to any prospective articling student.

Sydni Kind
2018/2019 Articling Student

The articling program at Gowling WLG encourages students to gain experience in multiple practice groups, but also allows you to delve in practice areas that specifically interest you. Partners and associates are committed to developing new students and are eager to provide experiences that build, challenge and strengthen your legal skills.

While I was articling, I had the opportunity to learn from leaders in the legal community about written and oral advocacy, client management, legal analysis and practice management. As an articling student at Gowling WLG you are given increasingly more complex work and greater autonomy. I felt that my work was valued, I was provided feedback to continually develop my skills, and I often had an opportunity to see how it benefited the client.

As a new Associate with Gowling WLG, I can confidently say that the opportunities and experiences I got at the firm during articling have put me in a strong position to begin my legal career. Further, the mentorship, coaching and skill development continues beyond articling and it continues to be a critical part of my daily practice.

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