Jonathan Chong (McGill University)
2014 Second-year IP Department Summer Student

I was given the privilege to learn from Canada's leading lawyers for two summers in the IP department, where I was treated as a mature professional and entrusted with great responsibilities. As such, my time at Gowling WLG was filled with much professional and personal growth.

There is no lawyer-student divide at Gowling WLG. Students are integral members of the team and the lawyers relied on my work; I always had a meaningful role. It was also easy to approach anyone with questions, and the lawyers were always happy to provide guidance and support. Every lawyer is truly interested in the success of the students.

Finally, I couldn't have asked for better fellow students, who were a pleasure to work with and to spend time with outside of work.


Darren Blimkie (Queen’s University)
2012 First-year IP Department Summer Student, 2013 Second-year IP Department Summer Student

As a first year student, I was lucky enough to join Gowling WLG for a summer in the Intellectual Property Department.  I can safely say that I learned as much, if not more, as a summer student than I did during my entire first year as a law student at Queen’s University.

Upon arrival, it was evident that Gowling WLG has an unparalleled level of commitment to supporting and enhancing the learning environment of its students.  While the work was certainly challenging, support could be easily found from other students, administrative staff, librarians, associates and partners alike.  Doors around the office were open and answers to even the most trivial questions were easily attainable.  Students were encouraged to attend court proceedings, educational workshops and collaborate on work assignments, which really allowed students to broaden their educational horizons as they saw fit.

Equally important were the social interactions that are clearly an integral part of the Gowling WLG experience.  From go-karting, rowing and golfing to events such as patio lunches, evenings at a pub and summer parties, there was ample opportunity to interact with lawyers who were always eager to impart wisdom on the students, or just share a laugh.

The camaraderie and friendships forged this summer, not only amongst my fellow students but also with legal professionals, will undoubtedly be an integral asset as I move forward in my legal career.

Stephanie Doucet (Western)
2012 Second-year Advocacy Department Summer Student, 2013-2014 Articling Student

After spending two years immersing myself in law school, I came to Gowling WLG with no idea of what life working in a law firm would entail.  I was both nervous and excited to begin my legal career.  Although summering at a large firm, everyone I encountered at Gowling WLG was not only approachable and friendly, but many also went out of their way to help out, as well as provide important and useful feedback.

During my time as a summer student in the advocacy department, I had the opportunity to work with a number of different lawyers in a variety of practice areas such as insurance defence, labour and employment, medical defence and commercial litigation.  In addition to drafting pleadings, writing memos and preparing briefs, I was also able to attend discoveries, mediations and settlement conferences, and was even invited along to client meetings.

Over the summer I also had the pleasure of working with 20 other brilliant students. The atmosphere at Gowling WLG is very collegial and having the chance to work with a large group of students was one of the best parts of my experience.  These individuals were always nearby and ready to help out with work or to have a good laugh.  The student committee at Gowling WLG organized social events, such as the top karting competition and a rowing clinic, and also invited all the students to play in the annual Gowling WLG golf tournament, where I had to opportunity to get acquainted with lawyers from other departments as well as my own.

The three months I spent at Gowling WLG flew by and I am amazed at how much I learned and the relationships I created in such a short time. I could not have felt more welcome from the moment I walked in to Gowling WLG on my first day to my last day of work. I always felt appreciated and like an essential part of the Gowling WLG team and am excited to return for articles in 2013.

Jamie-Lynn Kraft (Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University)
2012 Second-year Business Law Department Summer Student, 2013-2014 Articling Student

Gowling WLG Ottawa had always been my first choice for a summer student position. I had heard that they hired a lot of students and that the social aspect of the firm really added to the summer experience. When I arrived in May, my expectations were exceeded; there were many organized (and impromptu) activities for the students. I had 20 new friends right away and, more importantly, I had 20 people to support me on what was bound to be a steep learning curve.

I was a little worried about how difficult the change would be, coming from Dalhousie where we learn Nova Scotia law. Fortunately, I was in the Business group where much of what they do is national or cross-jurisdictional so I knew just about as much as my Ontario cohorts. What ended up being the greatest challenge of all was the level of responsibility placed on our shoulders and the high quality of work demanded.

I was able to rise to that challenge because I was given a variety of tools from Gowling WLG both during orientation and throughout the summer. These tools, along with the support of the professionals, staff and fellow summer students, helped me truly add value to the work at the firm.

It was an unparalleled learning experience and I cannot wait to return for my articles.

Ivy Tsui (Osgoode Hall)
2011 First-year IP Department Summer Student, 2012 Second-year IP Department Summer Student, 2013-2014 Articling Student

Having spent two summers working in the Intellectual Property department, I am still amazed by the professional excellence, the collegial support, and the active commitment Gowling WLG has made to student learning. I was given substantive work that challenged me to think, learn, and develop as a professional. The lawyers, from young associates to senior partners, are always willing to educate and patiently discuss the issues of the case. Furthermore, I am amazed by the level of exposure I have gained as a summer student. For example, I had the opportunities to be involved with preparing an expert for cross-examination, providing consultations to clients, and seeing my research put to meaningful use in trials. As I was entrusted with key responsibilities, the lawyers made me feel like a valuable member of the team. 

The professional and dynamic work environment is also balanced by social events both in and out of the office, such as the summer party, go-karting and golf tournament. I am very fortunate to have met numerous mentors that took a genuine interest in my professional development and provided me with directions and advices for my legal career. I must say that working at Gowling WLG is an extremely exciting and rewarding experience. I am already looking forward to returning as an articling student next year. 

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