• Be yourself at all times — in your application package and during the interview process.
  • Proofread. Have someone else review your cover letter and résumé. Typos can move an otherwise fabulous application to the bottom of the pile.
  • Include your contact information on both the cover letter and each page of your résumé.
  • Include Mr., Ms. or Mrs., especially if your given name is uncommon.
  • Do not bother with high quality, expensive or fancy paper. Firms will make numerous copies of your résumé and so it is an unnecessary expense. Résumés can also be paper-clipped instead of stapled as it will be easier for firms to copy.
  • Have an extra copy of your application package on hand.
  • Talk to lots of people: fellow students, current summer / articling students, firm directors of recruitment.
  • Use your school's career services office — they are an invaluable resource.
  • Attend law school / firm seminars on the recruitment process.
  • Don't be late for an interview but if you must be late, call ahead to explain.
  • Know how you are getting from office to office and get familiar with the various firm’s locations - it will save you time and possible frustration during the interview process.
  • Wear comfortable shoes — don't wear new shoes for the first time on interview day!


What kind of student is Gowling WLG looking to hire?  

We're looking for dedicated, well-rounded individuals who are passionate about the practice of law, but who also maintain interests outside of school and work. At Gowling WLG we're all about the team, so we want people who recognize the value of teamwork, but who can also work independently when the occasion calls for it.

Does it matter to Gowling WLG which law school a student attends?  

No. Gowling WLG recruits from all law schools across Canada and elsewhere and considers each application equally.

How would you describe the Gowling WLG culture?

No matter which of our offices you choose, you’ll find the atmosphere at Gowling WLG is best described as professional and informal. More than a leading law firm, Gowling WLG is a community of professionals…a community in which every individual contributes and every idea counts. Gowling WLG people work together to achieve meaningful results for our clients. Beyond providing our students with professional growth opportunities, we also encourage them to develop social connections. We make time for friendships and organize numerous social activities for both our summer and our articling students.

How many students do you hire?

The number of students that we hire for summer and articling programs varies from office to office and year to year. Current and projected hiring numbers can be found by visiting each of our individual office sites. While we do not guarantee articling positions to our summer students, we hire our summer students on the expectation that all will be offered articling positions, and that a large number will go on to spend their career at Gowling WLG.

Do you hire first year law students?

Gowling WLG summer programs are generally limited to students who have completed their second year of law school. However, on an exceptional and office-by-office basis we may consider additional candidates and accept applications, in the event positions become available.

What salary and benefits do you offer the students you hire?

Across each of our offices, our commitment to our students includes a competitive salary, based on the local market rate for articling students, plus vacation pay, for both our summer and articling students. Articling students also receive generous medical and dental benefits, as well as a number of other considerations.

To find out more about our articling or summer programs, including office-specific information on compensation and remuneration for students, please visit our program sites.

What is the typical workload for students and associates?

While we do not set a budget number of hours for our students, they are generally expected to carry a workload similar to that of our associates. To find out more about our articling or summer programs, including office-specific workload expectations at each of our offices, please visit our program sites.

Who should I contact to find out more about Gowling WLG's student programs?

To learn more about our student programs at a specific office, please visit our program sites where you will find detailed information for both articling and summer programs, office profiles and dedicated recruiting contacts who can answer all of your questions.

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