Call Day and Scheduling

From province to province, the rules and dates for ‘Call Day’ vary according to regulation or industry agreements. To learn more about the specific process for setting in-firm interviews with our offices, please visit the individual offices’ Application Process page.

However, prior to Call Day, students should prepare a list of their top choices for an interview and create a draft interview schedule for themselves. It may not be possible to follow this schedule completely, as your time slots may not fit with the firms' available interview slots, but it will be useful as a rough guide.

Students should leave at least two hours between interviews, as most firms will have you on their premises for up to an hour or more. Students must then allow themselves enough time to prepare for and get to their next interview. In order to properly schedule their time, students should feel free to ask how long the firm expects the interview to last.

If a student does not hear from a firm with whom they were hoping to interview, they can contact that firm to request an interview or ask to be put on a cancellation list.

If a student accepts an in-firm interview but then decides to cancel due to time constraints, he or she should let the firm know as soon as possible so that your interview spot can be given to another student.

The Interview

The length and format of the in-firm interview will vary firm to firm. The interviewers will usually spend the first half of the interview asking you questions. Anything included in your résumé may be discussed. Know yourself and be prepared to answer questions about your abilities, qualifications and interests. Be prepared to explain why you are interested in our firm and why you feel you are suited for our firm. During the latter part of the interview, you will generally be given an opportunity to ask questions of the interviewers. Prepare your questions in advance. Know what is important to you and ask questions that will help you determine whether the firm meets your needs. Ask questions that are not answered on the Web site and ones that are specific to the firm. Feel free to bring notes into the interview with you. Firms understand you will be interviewing with a number of firms and may need to refresh your memory.

After the initial interview, you may be offered a firm tour, meet other professionals or be invited to a lunch, dinner or cocktail reception. Each firm conducts interviews differently, so don’t be disappointed if you are not invited to attend a social event.

Lunches, Dinners and Cocktail Receptions

Many firms will include lunches, dinners and/or cocktail receptions in their recruitment process. Lunches and dinners are often used as an opportunity to learn more about the student in a more casual atmosphere.

Some firms will arrange lunches and dinners on Call Day, others will invite you to lunch or dinner during your interview. However, if a student is not invited for a lunch or dinner, they should not take that to mean the firm is necessarily less interested in them than in other candidates. Given the time constraints of the interview process, not all candidates can be offered a lunch or dinner. It is important to remember that all students selected for an interview will be considered equally, regardless of whether they were offered a lunch or dinner interview.

When you arrive at a cocktail reception, find the professionals with whom you have met (if they don't find you first). Feel free to ask them to introduce you to other professionals, perhaps those who practice in one of your areas of interest. If you cannot find your interviewers, or if you have not yet had your interview at the firm, look for someone you met during the on-campus interviews or for a current articling student who could help you locate your interviewers. Use the opportunity to meet as many people as possible.

If you cannot attend the lunch, dinner and/or cocktail reception, but are interested in the firm, simply explain to your interviewers that you have a previous commitment that you must honour and that it is not an indication of disinterest. And if you can only stay a short while at the cocktail reception, simply ensure your interviewers or the Director of Recruitment knows you attended for as long as you were able.

After the in-firm interview

Either when you arrive at the firm's reception desk or before you leave, ensure the firm has your local contact numbers, including your email address. Check your voicemail and email regularly during the day and evening, as firms may be contacting you to schedule a further interview.

If you are interested in the firm, be sure to communicate your interest. Call or email your interviewers or the Director of Recruitment to express your interest. If the firm is your first choice, tell them so. But if the firm is only one of your top choices, be sure not to mislead them. If the firm conducts second interviews and you haven't been asked back for one, request one. Don't be afraid to take the initiative and even ask where you rank.

If you are no longer interested in a firm, let the firm know. This may open up a position for one of your colleagues.

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