Please note that not all Gowling WLG offices participate in on-campus interviews.

Many firms conduct on-campus interviews in accordance with local guidelines and custom. While your school may not be visited by each of our Gowling WLG offices, you will likely find a Gowling WLG representative on campuses across the country in the fall of each year. Visit our individual office sites to see a full list of our upcoming on-campus interviews.

If your school participates in on-campus interview programs, you may want to consider the following:


Firms will provide participating law schools with a list of the students they wish to interview by the deadline date set by that school. The school's Career Services Office will then contact the students to schedule their on-campus interviews. Some schools allow the students to create their own interview schedule, but others will complete the schedule for the students once the students have advised at which firms they wish to accept an interview.

Students should not worry about the specific timing of each on-campus interview. It will not matter to the interviewers whether you meet with them at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the day. All students are treated equally, regardless of interview time. And where the student is able to create their own schedule, Gowling WLG will absolutely not read anything into the student's choice of interview time for their firm.

That said, those students in a position to create their own schedule should take into account their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, students who know they will interview better at a certain time of day, should consider scheduling the firms in which they are most interested at that time of day.

The maximum number of on-campus interviews a student should accept will vary depending on the particular student. There is no right or wrong number of interviews. Students should assess themselves and determine how many on-campus interviews they feel they can do and still perform well. Some students will be comfortable setting a full schedule (i.e., 19-20 interviews), while others will prefer to limit their interviews to 10-15 so that they will have breaks throughout the day to refresh and re-group.

The On-Campus Interview

On-campus interviews tend to be 17-20 minutes in length.

In that short period, both students and firms must assess whether the firm/student is someone with whom they wish to meet again, and at the same time pitch themselves to the firm/student so the firm/student will want to interview with them further.

Most interviewers will begin the interview with a few minutes of small talk to help create a more relaxed atmosphere. The interviewers will then proceed to ask questions of the student, likely based on the student's résumé. It is therefore important for you to know your résumé and be prepared to discuss the content therein. Know yourself and answer any questions honestly to convey your true self and your qualifications.

Either throughout the interview or towards the end of the interview, the interviewers will give the student time to ask questions. Research the firm through its Web site, brochure and/or by contacting members of the firm, and prepare your questions accordingly. Ask questions that will elicit the information you require to make an informed decision; questions that will help you determine whether this firm is suited to your goals and needs; and questions that demonstrate a specific knowledge of the firm. 

Most, but not all, firm representatives will wear business attire. Students should dress professionally, which generally means wearing business attire. While some firms may dress more casually and not take notice if a student is dressed casually, some firm representatives will draw a negative inference from a student's attire if it is considered too casual. 

After the On-Campus Interview

Some firms are able to advise students, usually via email, in advance of “Call Day” whether or not they will contact them on Call Day to schedule an in-firm interview. Some firms advise only those students to whom they will be granting a further interview. And some firms do not have the resources to advise students either way. As a result, students should not draw a negative conclusion from the fact they have not heard from a particular firm.

Students interested in a further interview with a firm are encouraged to email or telephone the firm representatives or the firm's Director of Recruitment/Chair of the Articling and Student Programs to express their continued interest. However, given a firm representative's busy schedule, students should not draw a negative inference if their email is not returned immediately or if the firm is not yet able to advise whether the student will be given another interview. Some firms make their decisions after completing each school's on-campus interviews while other firms wait until they have completed all of the schools' on-campus interviews before making a final decision.

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